October 16, 2011

The fairy tale wedding

In the mystical kingdom in the Himalayas
The whole nation celebrated
The union of the destined couple
At the Puna Dewa Chhen-Poi Phodrang,
The seat of the founder of Bhutan.

People travelled from near and a far
To observe the celebration
Those who couldn’t weren’t distressed
For they saw the majesties
Through the Live TV broadcast

Every citizen across the kingdom
Watched the unfolding of the celebration
Live from the national television

The celebration sustained for three days
And the royal couple granted the audience to all
At the historic Changlimithang on the third day
With a grand historic kiss
That sent the blessed crowd wild with excitement

Never had any Bhutanese seen such a union,
Blessed are we to be a part of a history in making
Which we can share it to the generations to come
Blessed are we to be born in this mystical kingdom
To become a part of the living history!

May the sun of happiness and prosperity
shine forever in this mystical Drukyul
under the reign of our King and queen
God bless my king and my queen!

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