February 7, 2010

Towards unknown destination - II

We stayed for few days in the boarder town before travelling to the capital. In the capital, I was met by another cousin who wanted to take me with her.  In the cold February month, I was driven to a completely new place that I haven't even heard about. I had no idea what they wanted of me. At last I mustered some courage and asked what I had to do for her. She said that she wanted me to go to school like the other children of my age. That was best thing that ever happened to me. I started going to the school and I learned fast since I was older than the most of the students in my class.
At the end of the year, I made my benefactor proud by coming up first in the class. I tried my best in every activities carried out in the school and even succeeded in most of them. Then I decided something I regret till this day. I left my benefactor and went with my brother who was working by then. My brother took me to the place where he worked and treated me well but I fell sick constantly due to the unsuitable weather. My performance declined in the school and after a year I went back to my mother.
I continued my studies but my performance was not the same as what it used to be. I managed to pass my grade but I was not satisfied with the results. I knew the hardships my mother was facing to send me to school and I continued to help my mother at home after school to sustain our living because my father was of no help to us. I managed to get through in the high school and continued my studies in a reputed school. Despite my hard work, I did not qualify for Sherubtse and now my future looks bleak as I am looking for some job. My mother is no more there to support me….

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