February 11, 2010

The Talk with the lone figure

I walked unsteadily, not knowing whether I was doing the right thing or not but I thought on what Gobsmacker wrote "One day when you make your usual walk, you will not find the old lady there...nor you will hear her frail voice chanting "Om Mani padme hung". So don't shy away today....tomorrow you may be too late...."  I decided it was now or never.

I walked hesitantly and sat beside her. She stopped chanting her prayers and looked at me. I took out doma which I had bought especially for her and offered to her. Her wrinkled face broke into a wide smile and she took it and asked me to have one as well which I declined saying that I don't chew it. She gave me another toothless smile as she put the remaining doma inside her sooth ridden tiny bag.

She sat there relishing the taste of her doma as I waited silently for her to finish it. After sometime, she finished chewing and asked me my name. And then began our conversation. She spoke with hefty breath and in between counted her rosary and chanted her prayers. As she narrated her life story, I listened with earnest interest that I even lost the track of time. It was dark as I took her leave that evening and I am looking forward to seeing her next…

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