October 6, 2013

Some pics captured in my cell

PP children trying their hand in art.

displaying their work

they are quite satisfied with their work

admiring their drawing :)

colleagues competing with my PP kids...hehe ;) 

Yeshi Sir ...with his best pose ...lol

our chefs ...preparing desi ( In the staffroom which serves as our multipurpose room...lol)

Rinzin and Dawa hard at work...Its suja time ... (In the school)

In the assembly

boys resting in the shade

academic topper of 2012 with certificates

bird eye view of my station (Minjiwoong) from Khanduphung

climbing the steps of Denphug Lhakhang

meeting the elders of Denphug 

The Inside of Denphug Lhahang

Meeting the people of Denphug community on our visit to the Lhakhang


  1. Madam, beautiful pictures. Liked the way you captured the distinct forms of objectives. Keep shooting la.

  2. nice photographs ...your students needs shoe...:P

  3. Thanks Riku n Sogyel... The students here cannot afford shoes...we let them wear slippers @ Sogyal...