October 14, 2013

Dear Mom

You were always there
Teaching me to sit straight,
Crawl and take my first step
Holding my hands when I stumbled,
Delighting on my utterance of the first word,
Spending sleepless night when I was running a slight fever.

You were always there
To clean my scratched knees,
Monitoring my school progress,
Sitting beside me as I prepared for my exams,
Taking delight in my success
Encouraging me during my failure.

You were always there
To see me grow from a toddler to adult,
Always encouraging and guiding,
Turning me into a confident and independent woman,
Gratifying in seeing me become a mother
And guiding me as always.

You were always there
And you are always there
And I know you will always be there
For me, for us and for everyone in the family,
For you are the one the almighty has gifted us,
To take his place

I may seem busy,
Immersed in the race of this materialistic world,
I may seem distant
Because of the place of my work,
But You know that I will always be there for you
As you had been for me at all the times.


  1. Thanks for visiting my page and leaving a comment ...@Sherab Tenzin Dorji :)

  2. You must etch out more poemsss..for you have lived longer to know the depth of life's faces