July 3, 2013


Secluded in the wilderness,
Away from the hustle,
In ignorance of day today happening,
We reside to mold the future generation.

Deprived of the basic necessities,
The papers arrive outdated,
The mails obsolete beyond response,
Yet cheerful we are for we see smile because of us.

The tidings may be rough,
The living may be tough,
But we remain undeterred
To retain those smiles that is due to us.


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  2. Due to selfless service and dedication
    of souls like you in the wilderness,
    there are many of us smiling and happy.
    For the pain you take to mould the future,
    we are forever indebted to you all.
    Let the hope of future be alive.
    Papers and mails will come sooner or later...

    Nice one, ma'am.

  3. Thanks Langa...
    Its words like yours that motivates us,
    urge us to survive,
    to push forward despite the huddles,
    makes our effort worth it... :)