May 31, 2013

The Race

Once there lived a family of three black necked cranes and a horse in a small Himalayan Kingdom. The horse was a very powerful animal and wanted to rule over the kingdom but the cranes also wanted the same. Then began the hostility among the people because everyone sided either the cranes or the horse. There were very few who remained neutral. The resentment between the two even caused some families to drift apart for some time. 

In the initial phase the people were sure that the horse would win and some even put a wager on it but when the real time for the contest came, the powerful horse lost. Some true supporters of the horse believed that the people betrayed them but the choice was made and there was nothing the horse could do.  The cranes rule over the kingdom and peace reigned over the kingdom. People in many places prospered but the kingdom initiated a rule saying that the ruler had to be chosen every five.

Five years passed soon enough and the horse changed his strategy to contest for the race of power. In the mean time a beautiful swan flew over with her young energetic supporters to contest for the power. The peach bloomed and spread her fragrance to make her present. The race for power commenced again in the small Himalayan kingdom.

This time the contest was between the mighty cranes, the gallant horse, the beautiful swan and the aromatic peach flower. The competition was getting tough. The people were in dilemma because though they were given a choice and most failed understand the true purpose of the choice given to them. Many people did not trust the beautiful swan and her potential. The fragrance of peach flower though sweet failed to captivate the people’s heart. The majority wanted the cranes to continue ruling for another five years but the gallant horse was also back with his trusted supporters and thus began another race between the cranes and the horse.
Note: The writing here is inspired by the ongoing election and is base purely on the observation made by the author and does not favour any political parties.

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