April 3, 2011

When strangers becomes friends

A friend request on face book is all it takes to make a friend out of a stranger in this digital world. A few years ago such thing was unheard of but now everything is possible.

My initial encounter with the internet was in the year 2003 when my husband was in Australia pursuing his studies. The long distance made it mandatory for me to procure a computer and learn the basics of internet. Later on when he returned, I forgot about the net and all my email account got expired. I used my PC to type some questions and play the games. I had no further use of my computer but my husband always kept the package of broadband at my disposal despite my repeated argument with him for wasting money unnecessarily. 


A few years of idleness and my knowledge about the computer got rusted. And then I got enrolled in a course three years ago where I had to start rediscovering world of internet. My course needed constant referencing which made me learn to google. Learning something in an advance age was fun. Later on, some friends suggested that I blog and I started blogging. A few suggestion from here and there and I found myself blogging in nopkin.com and later I tried a few folktales on WAB. Other friends suggested dnetting, which I tried for few months last year and then decided against it though I sometimes visit the forum whenever I am bored even today just to play trivia. 


 Of the entire networking site, face book is very popular among my friends and I find myself logging into it every day. Sometimes my friends’ text me to be online if they have some spicy gossip to share and I find myself giggling reading through the lines they type. Face book has also connected me with my old mates after more than a decade. I have rediscovered some old friends while making new friends as well. And I am still learning about the internet but one thing is certain that all it takes is a friend request to turn the strangers into friends.


  1. and dont let frens become foe...nice one..

  2. Thanks dasho...rest assured. friends will always remain friends... :)

  3. Bella,
    Everything is progressing at an amazing speed. Life seem so quaint and calm once upon a time but now..there is a mad rush as if there is no tomorrow. Internet, telephone, mobiles, what not- a huge transformation. In my time, we send smoke signals from mountain tops to check on whether our neighbours are fine and alive. Today we have so much at our beck and call...pure magic..and monumentally amazing

  4. The other day I was teaching Social studies in class IV and while teaching children about the water wheels, it was very difficult to convince the children abt the huge grinding stones people used with the help of water wheels in the villages when the electricity was not available. I had to ask someone in the rural school to take a picture of it and send it to me so that I could show my children. Indeed the mad rush in digital world is amazing but alarmingly we are loosing our roots...