April 2, 2011

Greeting the first Rainfall

The gusty wind had been speeding up for the past several days bringing relief to the mounting temperature but the roads looked dusty and the pavement were very dry yearning for a little freshness that comes only with the rain. I silently prayed for the rain since the little flowers blooming in my garden gave dull withered look. 


After a much wait, I could see the dark clouds gathering near the hills promising rain. I did not have to wait much longer for the clouds to fulfill its promise since I could hear the platters on the roof last evening. The sound of rain on the roof was an assurance that my flowers were going to survive. I rushed out with my children to get soaked in the rain. Feeling the raindrops on my face with my children giggling in excitement was really fun but then I couldn’t risk keeping them out for too long. Seeing my children giggle getting drenched in the rain was the moment that I will always cherish. Like all the good things that must come to an end, I took my children back to the house and changed their drenched clothes into dry ones. 


I got a bad cold after that but I would not mind another cold for such a heavenly shower next season when the rain returns with new promises.


The rain has finally settled the dusts on the road and now when I go out on my usual evening stroll, I can take a breath of fresh air.

(Photo : www.google.com)

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