November 19, 2010

Of Exams and Preparation

As my exams approach, I am struggling with the last minute preparation. I curse myself for not preparing beforehand but I also know that it wouldn’t have been possible with so many things happening in my life. At first it was the domestic emergency and then came the busy schedule at work. One thing led to another and before I realized, my exams schedule was out and I hadn’t even finished collecting notes. I frantically start googling and print some pages and flip though them trying to grasp some information. That’s what I had been doing for the past two weeks.
I have the exams at the time when my children are writing theirs. I don’t even have time able to guide them but I am happy that their father is there to help them out. I feel guilty when he helps in cooking because he hadn’t done that before. But I also know that this is temporary. By the end of next week, my exams will be done and I will be back to my normal routine. Till that time god help me and my family!

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