November 4, 2010

The note

She sat outside clutching a note on her palm, looking at the dark night, seeing nothing. The surrounding had become uneasily silent and she could hear the rustle of autumn leaves near her. For a moment she was lost in her thoughts transported to another time at another place on a similar night.

She had just finished her examination and the school had arranged a farewell dinner for the out going students. (A tradition which began with the start of the school) She felt the icy wind on her cheeks as she walked with her friends to the hall. She wished the event to end so that she could finish her packing as she was leaving for her home the following morning. She didn’t want to attend the farewell but she had no way out of it since she was one of the captains and the captains were not allowed to miss any function of the school. She sat in the front row sandwiched between her two chatty friends and looking lost. Her mind was certainly on in the hall. A sudden burst of laughter brought her back to the hall and she joined them trying to figure out what the speaker said. Half way through on of the speeches, her friend nudged her, signaling her to follow her out of the hall. She tagged along and she pressed a note in my hand on reaching the door. It read:
“Meet me at the gate after dinner”

There was no name on the note and she thought her friend was trying to pull a prank on her. She looked at her friend for assistance but she winked instead. She walked back to the hall baffled. She was uneasy. Despite the chilly weather, she found herself sweating. She didn’t know what to make out of the note. She tried to guess who the sender might be but she was clueless and her friend was of no help either. So she thought it was better to ignore it.

Some hours later after dinner, she headed to her hostel to pack her things. Having done her packing, she headed to her friend’s room since it was their last night in the hostel. She was feeling cold inside like the weather outside. Biding farewell always did that to her. They sat on the steps outside and stared at the stars as they always did. The stars looked much brighter promising them better hopes for future. They recollected their first day together, their first fight and now after four years of companionship they were going separate ways to face the unknown future. It was past midnight when they headed back to their respected rooms.

The mysterious note was forgotten. Years passed and she made a life of her own. Her friend couldn’t live to fulfill her dreams because a cruel accident cut short her life soon after they parted their ways.

Three decades later she was clutching yet another note in a familiar writing which read;
“Can you have dinner with me this Friday at your favourite restaurant?”
There was no name of the sender. Was her mind playing tricks on her? Who could have sent her the note? Could it be the same person from her past? She could not ignore the note. She had to find out the mysterious person. Feeling apprehensive, she awaited for Friday night to find her answers.

(Note: This is a work of fiction purely based on writer’s imagination)

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