September 6, 2010

Driving in the rain

He didn’t want to go. He never planned for that trip but it happened. He was given a day’s notice to pack and prepare.  He didn’t have anything to pack since he would be gone for just four days. He was substituting someone for a conference. He stayed late at night going through the details before his trip. He called his fiancée to inform about the change in his schedule because he was going out of station. He was going to be away from her for four days and the thought of not seeing her for a day made his heart go cold. He was feeling apprehensive, like some unknown force was bidding him to stay. He wanted to cancel that trip but he knew that he couldn’t afford to do because it was an opportunity for him. Even his fiancée was excited about it.
The next morning he drove his old car and the music played softly in the background. He was playing is favourite track “take me to you heart” by MLTR and he sang along. The uneasiness he was feeling the day before was forgotten as he listened to his song and drove along the countryside. The summer rain had been a boon for the farmers and he could see the lush green countryside which was very refreshing sight away from the clustered buildings in the town. He was already thanking his luck for this unplanned trip. An hour on the road and weather changed. The clouds turned dark and it started drizzling. He stopped his car and got out to feel the light drops of rain on his face. It felt good.  He made a call to his fiancée and told her what he was doing. She laughed at his craziness and reminded him to get going since he had many miles to cover to his destination.
The down pour became heavier and there was thick fog everywhere as he travelled further. His music played at higher volume and he sang more loudly. He knew about the danger of driving in such weather so he drove very carefully. He came to a bend and as he was making a slow turn, he lost control of his wheels. He could feel the wheels of his car leaving the smooth road and then skidding downhill. Everything happened in a flash of seconds and he yelled as he fell from the steep slope and the only name he called out as he fell was “Yuden”. Yes, Yuden- the love of his life and everything went blank.
Sonam was driving in a foggy weather and it was getting difficult to see through the torrent rain. He was driving really slowly when he saw someone crawling at the side of the wet muddy road. He thought he was hallucinating but on closer look he could see a man, drenched from head to toe dragging himself slowly towards the car. He stopped his car and quickly got out and helped him inside his waiting car. He could see that the man had been hurt. There were bruises on his legs and hand and he could not stand on his feet. There was also a deep cut on his head. He was delirious and seemed to Sonam that he crawled all his way up to the road from the cliff he had fallen into. His car rested a hundred feet below the road. Sonam immediately took him to the nearby Hospital and called the police about the accident that had occurred.
(Note: This is a work of fiction purely based on the writer’s imagination)

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