May 17, 2010

Rush hours!

The alarm goes off at 10 minutes to 5 in the morning. It is set to remind me at 5 minutes intervals. Each time the shrill bell seems louder and more insistent than the last. On the fourth ring I have to get off the bed and prepare for the day or else I would end up being late for my work.
A brisk walk and a shower and I head to the kitchen for a cup of tea and begin my household chores. By 6.30, the breakfast is ready and the lunch is packed. I call my children to wake them up but they always pretend not to hear and I have go to my children's room to literally pull them out of their bed. By the time they take shower and eat their breakfast, it is almost 7.15 and I have just 30 minutes to pack their books, get them dressed and prepare myself for my work.
As I take my car keys and drive through the gate towards my daughter's school, I glance at the watch which informs me that I have 15 minutes to get to my work. Dropping my daughter to her school take me longer than necessary because of the traffic and most of the time I end up crossing the school gate when the bell rings. I always end up reaching at work just on time and on a few occasions even late by few minutes.

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