May 17, 2010

Changing times

I remember a time when I visited a village more than a decade ago. The people in that village lived in harmony. They had just got their houses electrified and they were learning to use the electronic rice cookers and water boilers. Everyone helped everyone in times of need. I was amazed to see a train of people walking and on inquiry I learned that those people were carrying a sick lady in turn to reach her to the nearest BHU since the village did not have access to road.
I visited that village recently. I could see that it had changed drastically. The wooden shingles were replaced by the CGI sheet and there were a few concrete house as well which I hadn't seen during my first visit. The village has a road and people have prospered materialistically. I could also see some vehicles parked in front of some houses and the village has a community school too. Yes! People have prospered but it was saddening to notice that they are more involved in their individual well being. Their once selfless commitment for the well being of the whole community has diminished with the changing times. People hardly render help to the needy ones and we cannot find any more train of people helping a sickly neighbour to the hospital. Neighbours hardly know what is happening in the next house.
Changing times have brought many developments in the lives of that village but it has also disintegrated the harmony and coziness that the people once shared.


  1. what was that? would you mind translating in English?