March 28, 2013

Trying a Different Genre

As the days draw closer for me to move to my new destination I am gripped with the feeling of uneasiness. The first question that has been pestering me for the last several days has been “Will I be able to shoulder the responsibility that has been bestowed upon me?” I haven’t been very confident in convincing myself on appropriate response either which had led me to open some books which are usually referred by my husband. (I did not even bother to give those books a second glance earlier)

The first book that I had been leafing through was “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R Covey and now I am on to “leadership Wisdom” by Robin Sharma. After I am done with that, I have “How to be a better Decision maker” by Alan Barker in queue.

I am not sure whether reading those books have given me any powerful insight for my personal development but I am very much inspired by those stories reflected in the book. I read somewhere that if you read, the ideas and philosophies of those great intellectual (authors) would rub off on the readers and motivate the readers to progress further in their endeavor. In the similar manner I too would like to gain insight and get inspiration to tackle the day today tussles of life.

Reading those books has definitely kept me engaged and I almost forgot (most of the time) that I would be moving away soon. BUT The reality stuck when I got my orders yesterday. 

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