December 17, 2010


This happened a few days ago. I was in the market with my son when I got a call from my husband. I thought he might have called to ask for something to be bought from the market so I asked him what he wanted. He asked me to get home because he had invited someone for dinner. I asked who the guest was and when I learned I shouted “Are you crazy?” I could read the time on the wall clock in the shop. I just had 1 hour to get home and make the dinner ready. I asked him to take the guest to the restaurant but he insisted that the dinner be made at home.
I rushed through my shopping and grabbed some grocery and drove back home. On reaching home I found that my husband hadn’t returned from his work and I began with my preparation. I don’t know how I did, but my dinner was ready when the guest arrived. I took less than half an hour to prepare dinner.
Later after the guest had left, I warned my husband to inform me prior to inviting some important guests for dinner.

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