November 23, 2009

On leaving Pemagatshel

I have been living here for the last 5 years. When I first came here in the autumn of 2004, I was a total stranger here. I still remember the first day that I got here. I had gone to the market which consists of a line of small shops. The people were basking in the sun and staring at us as if we were aliens. I felt very uncomfortable and tugged my husband’s jacket urging him to move faster towards our waiting car.

The quarter arranged for us was in the hospital colony. On the first night, we found that there was no power connection in our quarter but a friendly neighbour (who became a good friend of mine) came with lamps and candles.

The next day I went to report to the office and found out that there weren’t a single soul whom I knew. I got my children admitted in the school and got a week leave to settle down. During the one week, lots of neighbours turned up to help me and I got acquainted with them.

Then the following year I shifted to a private quarter since the health staff were increasing in number and we needed to make room for them.

Later I got my son admitted in the school and the time just flew.

Now after more than five years, I am preparing to bid farewell to the place that I have grown fond of,  and to venture into the life that awaits me in a new place.  We are all looking forward to it but we will miss this place. The place which gave me many memorable moments.


  1. hi sangay or bella (haha)
    i tried many times to get here and am here at last. m so glad i m here in ur blog. and i am more happy cos u maintain this blog all in silence despite our repeated acquaintances in other blogs. u r a good human being who like to keep all the incidents in the form of words. i like tht and u have inspired and motivated the same. thank u bella.
    i also like ur to be here again.


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  3. Hi sangay,
    where r u leaving actually? i forgot to ask tht? haha
    i hope u would not miss me ...kidding...

    i wud wish ur comments in nopkin gets trasferred here...can u do tht? it will be wonderful....

    bye & gudnite